Who are we...

EliteIT.services is the combined passion of two brothers born and raised in Michigan. Each driven from a young age to understand the intricacies of technology, and motivated to provide solutions to better the world.


We believe that offering reliable solutions with a clear, personalized touch is what the technology world needs. Our aim is to be hands on with our approach to each solution to make sure it is tailor fit to our clients. With a clear explanation of how the moving parts fit together, and how to get you and your clients the best experience.


A dedicated focus on creating a stable workspace for your ideas.With a reliable infrastructure, an solid security we give you the room to work on whats important.


Working one on one with each client, allows us to demystify the process. It is our goal to teach you what is possible and feed the desire to grow and evolve.


Each solution is as different as each dream a client brings to us,  some changing each time you see them. We aim to provide superior support to help you design your dream.